This is the most worrisome bit about the ArenaNet lay offs. is exceptional because NC Soft had them on a loose leash. I fear that the business model will change drastically.

😑 "Activision's ABSURD Bait & Switch | How AAA Publishers Mislead Customers & Get Away With It"

Late shift week is meh for playing . I can get some dailies done, yes, but not with guild mates. It's kinda lonely.

And excuse the typos, my fingers are cold and I'm scared.

The WW2 bomb that was found today can't be defuses, they have to detonate it. I might me out of internet the next few days. And windows. All windows might blow. Wish us luck.

My DRK keychain arrived! It's by @fiveonthe, same artist who did my Aymeric pin.

To all out there: What exactly does this mean on Bluehost Plus? Can I register two domain names with this? FAQ is unclear (to me).

Fuck this. Their FAQ/Wiki haven't been updated in ages, I have no clue how any of this shit works. The example texts in their Wiki don't even match anything they sent me via email.

Domain for myself and one for my husband's writing endeavors are applied for and will be manually checked. Well, lets wait.

I think I found a good and low budget host :carbongos:

All dailies in are done, lets tackle the wordpress issue again.

'Cause 7,99/39,99 EUR per month in the recommended bluehost sounds crazy to me. I just want a small diary-esque blog for gaming screenshots and rants, visual kei fangirling and private records of my life.

Best low budget WordPress host, does anyone have suggestions?

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This is a really good video that introduces all of the jobs/classes. Well worth a look if you're considering playing the game. (like @Nogamara )

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Soooo the collector's edition mount for shadowbringers, when will we get in in the game? Right after purchase or on release?

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