So I finally reached lvl 50 / Champion level in ESO for the first time. \o/

Only took me about 14 months. \_o_/

Time for a well deserved 4.5h of rest before getting up for work. zzz

I will never understand the low number of likes on this masterpiece. I cry every time, and I certainly don't mean the sarcastic meme.

Happy new year everyone 🎂🎇🎆🥂

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Do me a huge favour everyone? Reach out to people in your gaming circle and check in on them. Just say hi, hello, how are you, and listen.

This announcement comes as I just learned of the suicide of someone from one of my gaming groups. This makes 2 suicides in 2 years from people who were in my gaming groups.

If you need help, please ask, seek it out. Please please take care of each other during this, and *all* seasons.


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