@Paeroka that’s amazing, having an archive that goes so far back. Do you remember much from those early days in Lotro?

@gazimoff Yes and no, I guess. I remember the guild I was in and the fun we had in dungeons and old raids. And the RL meeting we had (though that one's a bit fuzzy because I'd hit my head earlier that day... and we had to leave because of a bad headache and dizzyness -.-). When I levelled through the old zones on the legendary server now, all quest hubs were familiar, but I still got lost when doing the quests. :p

@Paeroka do you think you’ll try playing WoW classic when it comes around?

@gazimoff Very very likely, yes. Bookahnerk definitely wants to give it a try and I'm curious, too. When I started WoW, he and his friends were on a PvP server (always hated that). So, we'd like to try the old-school feeling but on a PvE server.

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