I'm trying to hurry to get my guardian to level 50 before Moria arrives. Oof. Once the expansion is here, I won't set a foot into that region for quite a while, of course. I really don't like Moria. I'll just unlock the legendary weapons and will have fun with skirmishes. :p

I am completely in love with Elder Scrolls Online. Exploring this seemingly huge unknown world... <3 (I only played a bit of the Elder Scrolls games before) - If only this game had a real auction house... :p And more elaborate housing. But... I take it!

I've finished the 1st episode of Life is Strange 2 and I'm torn (no spoilers!): I'm not a fan of the story itself (so sad and complicated), but I really love the characters and the storytelling.

I feel incredibly lost - but since I've seen so many others', here's my . I started playing WoW back in 2005, later played and tried many more (WAR, Lotro, AION,, Tabula Rasa, Rift, Wildstar, GW1 & GW2,...). Currently playing Lotro again and ESO. Limited gaming time due to ongoing health issues with my left hand, though. :( - Oh yeah, I still have a blog about gaming. :p


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