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New Discord partner hoodie came in. My old one was from 2015 and a little well loved.

. I have two keys up for grabs for a weekend test starting tomorrow. Please let me know if interested. There is an NDA.

Very soon I am about to fill your feeds with posts! Just a few more hours until keys are sent and we can play! Will anyone else be hopping on today?

A new season of just started! Come play with me and use my referral code to link up and do buddy missions for XP. <3


Making coffee then going live with @officialMINImax! <3

Is anyone taking the time to try out ? I am checking it out playing the Arcane Mender - a healer.

I have had a decently good first day in . Leveled up carpentry and lumberjack to the point of being able to gather wood and craft my own arrows and Fabrication to make cloth to turn into bandages.

I am Jewel, 31, living in Virginia, USA. I'm a mother of two boys, married for 11 years.

I've been gaming for as long as I can remember. I started with MMOs back in 2004 when I was in High School. World of Warcraft was my first until I went casual in Cataclysm and started checking out other MMOs and moved to Rift where I was 1 of 5 community ambassadors. I have played so many MMOs I can't keep track.

Outside of gaming I am a cyclist, runner, foodie, and love coffee. <3

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