I am done! This was about a $40 project.
$19 for LED Light Strips
$20 for 20x photo frames

@Namaslay the other shot looked cool but it all comes together when on camera

@belghast Thank you! I am pretty proud of my little craft today haha!

@Namaslay That's really good. Your face has been lit nicely - definitely helps you pop from the surroundings. Great work!

@gazimoff That is with dim lighting, too. I can light the whole place up if I want.

@Namaslay @gazimoff
Yes, this looks nicely natural. I see so many streamers with expensive face lighting equipment, but all it really does is make their faces look like three days of insomnia because they constantly have to squint against the bright light.

@Zuleyus @gazimoff Hah thank you! I do have a little RGB going but it isn't very strong. <3

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