I have a social discord community open to all interested in being part of a friendly and welcoming environment to group, discuss, and chat about the game.


Recently switched to Mixer to get a fresh little start in streaming alongside the start of my new job that begins in March! mixer.com/Namaslay

I am seeing Shadowbringers will grant Stormblood access? So am I smarter to digitally buy it on the 6th instead of buying Stormblood.. I think I am. 🤔

If you have Discord Nitro and download Realm Royale you get the battle pass free and a cute donut chicken.

Took the time to stream on DLive for three hours today. The community was amazing and welcoming. I had a wonderful first experience. Highly recommend at least checking them out to see if the platform is for you.


You all make me wish I had the latest expansion of .

A new MOBA that appeared on Steam this morning. B2P for about $5 and all heroes are unlocked (so I am told.) store.steampowered.com/app/803

Tanked today in Breach! Was really fun and I usually never Tank. Was nice to change it up.

I am done! This was about a $40 project.
$19 for LED Light Strips
$20 for 20x photo frames

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