For those who previously let me know which cat to change to. Here is a the final choice in game

@gazimoff there's always the moogle dungeon event for mounts?

@Traellan thanks. I'm probably going to go with that one unless I change my mind again 😋

@Traellan it's a personal preference. But when it comes to group content I generally find healing easier. Tanks are expected to lead, set pace and know mechanics. Healers can for the most part wing it as long as no one dies 😜

@angerina pretty sure I am that friend. This is how I saved Eorzea in the base game.

@gazimoff thanks but I'm actually in one with some old gaming friends and I'm part of a couple link shells to find people to do things with. It's going well so far.

Avatar and header, swapped over to screenshots. Ready for a new chapter in my gaming life :ffxivmsq:

I'm going to need to change my avatar now that I'm taking a break from and playing again. Any good location suggestions for a character screenshot?

@gazimoff didn't get to play it a lot. Didn't really feel the urge to. For me it's definitely a wait and see title. Bioware lost my trust with Andromeda and what I saw didn't win it back yet.

@gazimoff early nights have been my game of choice the past couple of days. Its kinda nice to just switch off and wind down.

@gazimoff I've actually got more gaming in these last few days than expected. Been levelling a monk in WoW from 110 to 116. Still going to be busy with family Christmas stuff for the next couple of days.

@gazimoff alts to level in WoW. Holiday events in STO. More BDO archer levelling and questing. Might check out some of my steam backlog. From today I have 2 weeks off work. So it's going to be great.

@gazimoff @Zuleyus I have not, I gave up supporting early access games a while back.

@Zuleyus @gazimoff if the performance is anything like ARK, I'm not expecting a lot.

After a mix of hilarity and tedium, are two guild groups have enough monocles to get the hive mind mount. But that is a task for another day.

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