Sorry there is no Anthem content. The reason here for is I'm still not able to stay connected to the game and it keeps crashing every couple of minuts. Sorry for this

Anthem is having issues with connectivity they are working on it

Hello world, I go by Crainey everywhere. Been playing WoW exclusively for a few years but in the past tried many other MMO.

I'm a competitive sort so in Runescape I had numerous 99 skills and took advantage of the full loot system. In Guild Wars I enjoyed breaking the meta in PvP. WoW I've been Mythic raiding for a few tiers.

During raiding holiday break I had no drive to play WoW and realised I do it out of habit so might stop. Maybe give FFIV an honest attempt?

I'm BlackDragon1032 a Belgian gamer,history lover , allround nerd and traveller, I also love meeting new people.
I love mmo's and looter shooters ( Anthem is going to be my baby ❤️ ). In all the time I'm gaming I'm a tank. I started tanking in '08 in all my online games. I'm the one who will jump into the waves of enemies or in front of a boss to save my teammates.

Just poke me if you want to ask anyhting ^^


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