Anthem is having issues with connectivity they are working on it

Hello world, I go by Crainey everywhere. Been playing WoW exclusively for a few years but in the past tried many other MMO.

I'm a competitive sort so in Runescape I had numerous 99 skills and took advantage of the full loot system. In Guild Wars I enjoyed breaking the meta in PvP. WoW I've been Mythic raiding for a few tiers.

During raiding holiday break I had no drive to play WoW and realised I do it out of habit so might stop. Maybe give FFIV an honest attempt?

I'm BlackDragon1032 a Belgian gamer,history lover , allround nerd and traveller, I also love meeting new people.
I love mmo's and looter shooters ( Anthem is going to be my baby ❤️ ). In all the time I'm gaming I'm a tank. I started tanking in '08 in all my online games. I'm the one who will jump into the waves of enemies or in front of a boss to save my teammates.

Just poke me if you want to ask anyhting ^^


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