@Aywren I'm trying to wrap my sleep-addled brain around this: Are they completely doing away with job quests and moving to role quests with the expansion regardless of the storyline you're on? I'm still on ARR afaik.

@Chevko Hey there! No, this only effects the experience leveling from 70-80 in the new expansion.

All existing job quests in past expansions will remain the same, and the new jobs we're getting that start at 60 actually do get job quests from 60-70.

It seems like from 70+ we're not getting the job quest chains like we used to. To make it more confusing, we're actually getting a single job quest at level 80. Hope that helps a little!

@Aywren Ah, good to know! I got a bit confused there with the phrasing, thank you :D

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