Finally buckled down and updated ALL the existing Spot of Mummery story posts on the WordPress Archive page last night. How about that! Play

Cleared Alphascape (Normal) tonight. I know I'm behind, but better late than never!

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It's now a week until FanFest Paris, so I thought I'd organise a little giveaway :carbongos: :

:ffxivmsq_comp: One SDS Fenrir mount item code.

How to enter? Just reply to this toot with a screenshot of your FFXIV character mounted. Simple!

I'll pick a winning entry midnight GMT on Jan 31.

Anyone from any Mastodon instance can enter (doesn't have to be Boosts are welcome. but don't feel obliged to!

(and yes, I'll be doing giveaways for other games too!)

Cleared the Monastery on both characters this weekend. Will blog about it tomorrow!

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